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Training Seminars and Seminar Schedules

The Complete
Specialty Certification Course

Weight Loss in the United States is a multi billion-dollar industry. Being proficient in this area is a must for anyone wishing to cash in on their ‘piece of the pie’. Now in just one day, you can learn the secrets that took Robert more than twenty years to develop and define. With these techniques Robert went from earning a fraction of his earning potential to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and allowing him the privilege of semi-retirement at a very young age.

If you are looking to develop the skills necessary to create a booming business in weight loss, then look no further. This is the workshop for you! By facilitating his ‘no fail’ weight loss session, (that can be used in either a group or private setting), you too can be well on your way to financial independence and successful therapeutic technique in weight loss. And if this isn’t enough to whet your appetite, remember that you can easily save the entire cost of this workshop by implementing the techniques learned the same day you return home from the conference!

You Will Learn:
• Effective Speech Patterns For Programming
• Progressive relaxation vs. Rapid Induction
• Expectation Therapy
• The Confusion Technique
• Implementation Of Mantras
• How To Use These techniques With Individuals Or Groups
• The Secrets Of Holding And Captivating An Audience
• Information On What Works With Weight Loss Clients
• A Pre-Talk That Is Fool Proof!
• Active Visualization and much, much more…

You Will Receive:
• This Entire Program on 9 long playing CD’s
• A Full Day of Course Instruction
• Statistical Information High Weight and Obesity
• A Professionally Printed Supporting Workbook
• Sample Ad layouts that can be implemented into your practice immediately!
• A Word for Word Patter Script
• Certification Exam (Note: Certification is available through the certifying organizations upon completion of the examination)

Testimonials From Clients:

"I lost 52 pounds in 6 months!” - J. Paschel, Las Vegas, NV

"I lost 46 pounds from January 7th through April 24th.” - W. Kessler, Atlantic City, NJ

"I attended a weight loss session on April 11th. I have lost 41.5 pounds and dropped pants size from 50 to 42.” - R..L. Showerds, Norwich, CT

"I attended my first session in September and within one month, I lost 35 pounds and feel so much better about myself.” - A. Schmidt, Kingston, NY

"I lost 69 pounds from July 5th til March 6th. It really works!” - D. Liquori, Watertown, NY

"I lost 50 pounds in one month, 11 days.” - J. Colwell, W. Pittston, PA

Testimonials From Therapists:

"I have been using exactly what Robert Otto taught and it has been working wonderfully.” - B. Love Dubbs, C.Ht.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. It will help me in my hypnotherapy practice and also with my own weight loss. I look forward to learning more from you in the future.” - J. Garvey, C.Ht.

"What a great workshop! Your day long made it worth the trip for me this year. Thank you so very much.” - T. Leutner, C.Ht.

"It is not often that a hypnosis instructor is willing to share his ‘secrets of success’. What I liked most about the class was the wealth of information that you provided. It was great to see a Master at work.” - D. Merrell, C.Ht.

"I lost 125 pounds listening to your weight loss tape. It worked like a charm. Thank you for all your assistance.” -B. Carboneau, C.Ht.

"I am motivated in the style at which you convey your ideas and I seem to connect with it better than anyone else I have received instruction from. I follow with passion and a certain religiosity what you teach.” - M. Welte, C.Ht.

"I have already earned $3,000.00 at one of my very first seminars. Thank you Robert.” -T. Bagby, C.Ht.

"Your workshop was outstanding! I think you’re a wealth of information and I would like to take more classes from you at some point.” - Norine Passero, C.Ht.


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