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Training Seminars and Seminar Schedules

Help Yourself by Helping Others Increase their Sales Productivity!!

For You: Why a Sales Performance course? SIMPLE. Whether you are a sales professional, or in a field where sales performance is used as an adjunct, this course has something for you. Each of us on a daily basis, sell our wares, our services and most importantly OURSELVES to those around us. Both consciously and subconsciously, we sell ourselves to our lover, our boss, our clients, our telephone contacts and our family and friends. Now is the time to ‘fine tune’ that innate ability and take the guess work out of one of your greatest assets, your communication skills in selling yourself to others. Knowledge in this field gives you the winners’ edge. Only 2% of the people in this country enjoy the luxury of an annual income exceeding $200,000. And 85% of that elite group is directly or indirectly related to sales! Integrating sales techniques to your repertoire is an absolute must for anyone wishing to have their appointment book bursting at the seams and their office telephone ringing off the hook.

For Your Clients: This course is designed to provide you with the most innovative ideas and proficient techniques available in our profession today. Help yourself by helping others improve their sales performance. By utilizing the mind/body connection with cutting edge techniques in selling, your clients can gain confidence instantly, overcome objections easily, develop instant rapport with others, and become self-starters. By providing this service, you can obtain true professional independence, increase your own income by up to 50%, and become a profitable participant in one of the fastest paced industries in the country.

Don’t be left out. Purchase this exciting, comprehensive course today! You will learn dozens of scientifically proven techniques and ideas that will aid you in designing a fail-proof and unique hypnosis session for your professional sales client. Course includes 4 long playing CD’s, a supporting workbook, and a word for word patter script that you can implement immediately in your practice. A certification exam is included. Upon completion of the examination you will receive a certificate of achievement suitable for framing.

The sales profession is a multi-billion dollar industry. Now is your chance to cash in on your piece of the pie. Hundreds of successful sales professionals have sought the help of a qualified therapist to improve their sales performance --- others have grown and prospered from it --- and you can too!

You Will Learn:
• The Art of Prospecting
• Self Esteem Building Techniques for the Client
• How to Help Your Client Deal with Rejection
• The Key Affirmations for Sales Success
• How Your Client Can Develop Instant Rapport with Prospects
• How Your Client Can Harmonize with Objections
• The Hidden Secrets of “Selling”
• How to Establish a Need
• How You and Your Client can Increase Revenue by 50%
• How You Can Implement These Techniques in a Corporate Presentation
• The 6 Great Motivating Principles
• How to Sell Yourself Within 1 Minute of an Introduction
• The 4 Basics that Trigger a Prospects “Buying” Mood
• Hitting the Prospects “Hot Button”
• 8 Tried and Proven techniques for Closing the Sale and much, much more!

You Will Receive:
• This Entire Program on 4 long playing CD’s
• A Full Day of Course Instruction
• A Professionally Printed Supporting Workbook
• A Word for Word Patter Script
• A Certification Exam is enclosed. Upon completion of examination you will receive a certificate suitable for framing

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Own This Program:
• For personal growth and development
• To add a new venue to your area of expertise
• To add increased revenue for your pocketbook
• To develop skills that you will use for years to come
• To help others increase the own income potential
• To open doors to the corporate arena
• For professional networking with like-minded individuals
• To be acknowledged as a ‘trained’ professional in this area
• To learn from an experienced instructor
• To expand your appointment book

Read What Others Have Said About Robert Otto:

"What a great workshop! Your day long workshop at the NGH Conference made it worth the trip for me this year. Thank you so very much.”
-T. Leutner, C.Ht., New Haven, CT

"I have been using exactly what Robert Otto taught and it has been working wonderfully."
-B. Love Dubbs, C.Ht., Augusta, GA

"Robert Otto is a world-class presenter who stands among the ranks of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, and Zig Zigler. Seeing this man in action is an experience of total empowerment!"
-George Bien, Ph.D. (International Seminar Leader)

"I must tell you that I really enjoyed both your Certification Courses. You are so positive and so enthusiastic that it shows how well you know the subject and how self-confident you are. It is also an indication of how effective this is for clients. I hope sometime in the near future to have you come to Cyprus to give seminars."
- A. Raftis, C.Ht., Cyprus, Greece

“Your course is unbelievable! You are concise and to the point. It is amazing how you present the course. I've been through other training, and I can't believe what I have been missing the two years I've been involved in hypnosis and using 'other' lesson plans. I'll be using your program next week with a client. I can see the big picture now. Your explanations and presentation are second to none!"
- Barry Dieter, C.Ht., Bethlehem, PA

This program contains 4 CD’s! Included is a full day of course instruction, a supporting workbook, plus 3 word for word patter scripts that can be implemented in your practice immediately! A certification exam is enclosed. Upon completion of examination you will receive a certificate suitable for framing.


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