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A Smorgasbord Of Hypnotic
Instant, Rapid, Non-Verbal and more…

Welcome to the information page for our Instant and Rapid Induction Workshop. This class is based on tried and proven methods of successfully inducing hypnotic trance. There is an old saying that says ‘variety is the spice of life’, and so it is when it applies to hypnotic inductions! Many practitioners become bored with using the same old induction and consequently don’t give their clients the optimal benefit of their work. There are many ways to induce trance in a client and this workshop will give you a ‘take home-variety pack’ of inductions that are easy to learn and can be implemented immediately.
In this program, veteran Robert Otto will demonstrate many of the easiest and most effective inductions in the profession. Some of the inductions covered in this class are: The Non-Verbal Inductions, The Vertigo Induction, The Penlight Induction, The Confusion Induction, The Eye Fixation Induction, The Ice Chip Induction, The Arm Drop Induction, and many, many more.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Own This Program:
• Learn how to induce trance faster
• Add another dimension to your hypnotic toolbox
• Learn how to enjoy and implement variety in your work
• Obtain more therapeutic time with your client
• Gain added confidence using new skills
• Develop techniques you will use for years to come
• For personal growth
• To become fluent in a variety of modalities
• To learn from an experienced instructor
• As a refresher course to inductions you may have learned and forgotten

You Will Receive:
• This Entire Program in DVD format
• Several Hours of Course Instruction
• An overview of Trance Requisite
• A Supporting Workbook
• Robert’s Personal Patter Script.

Testimonials from Therapists:

"Robert Otto has it all! Contagious Energy, Charismatic Personality and Dynamic Presentation Skills. He is truly the hypnotists’ hypnotist. Robert not only talks the talk and walks the walk, he flies the dream!"
- Cynthia St. Louis, C.Ht

"A Smorgasbord of Inductions is a great contribution to the hypnosis profession! The workshop is filled to the brim with new, unique and seasoned inductions that will delight, inspire and encourage the novice as well as the practitioner of long standing. Once again Otto's genius is demonstrated on this recording. I highly recommend it. It is a must for the serious student of Hypnosis! “
- Dr. Anne H Spencer-Beacham, PhD
- Founder, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®

"Robert is not only energetic, entertaining, humorous and sometimes outrageous, he is also informative, skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced. From my own personal experience, I believe that you will not only have fun in this workshop, you will also have the opportunity to add a variety of new methods to your current practice!”
- James Sievert, C.Ht Personal Growth Hypnosis

"I feel extremely fortunate to have participated in Robert Otto's Induction Workshop. Now I finally appreciate how fast, easy and FUN inductions can be! I left this workshop with many new tools that I will use in my practice immediately. Heck, it was so good I even purchased the DVD recording of the workshop to use as a periodic review and motivational boost for myself and to demonstrate to my students how a true Master works!”
- Sue Weinert Hull, C.Ht.

"Robert Otto is the kind of teacher that you will fight others for to sit in the front row and experience! Robert will melt you into your own greatness and then empower you to help others do the same. He is a ‘must see’ ‘must experience’ kind of educator with a compassionate and humorous approach to learning.”
- Elaine M. McFalls, C.Ht

Included in this program are several hours of course instruction, a word for word patter script, and a supporting workbook.
(Note: This program contains 2 DVD’s and is available in DVD format only)


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