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Training Seminars and Seminar Schedules

Home Study Courses

Smoking Cessation - This course will entail a ’live’ session, involving both the Pre-Talk and the Induction. You will be able to participate and observe the session first hand as a client normally would.

Weight Control - If you are looking to develop the skills necessary to create a booming business in weight loss, then look no further. This is the workshop for you!

Working With Salespeople - Help Yourself by Helping Others Increase their Sales Productivity!!

Conduct Group Seminars - Once you have mastered the concepts contained in this program, you will be well on your way to discovering a world of opportunity in conducting group presentations.

Hypnotic Inductions - There are many ways to induce trance in a client and this workshop will give you a ‘take home-variety pack’ of inductions that are easy to learn and can be implemented immediately.

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