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Training Seminars and Seminar Schedules

How To
Like A Pro

Congratulations on your decision to get additional training on conducting group sessions! With the purchase of this quality educational tool, you are about to embark on a very powerful program. The information contained in this herein could, quite possibly, change the way you think and feel about addressing a group hypnosis audience in the future, regardless of whether it be a corporate, private or public sector.

This is the very first program of its kind! In an informal setting Robert Otto addresses and answers dozens of pertinent questions aimed at his success. Robert, one of the foremost authorities in the business, will share the secrets of a successful group seminar. And he literally leaves no stone unturned, thereby ensuring your success.

You will find his answers enlightening, thought provoking and humorous. He is a master communicator who successfully gets his message across using his own unique style. Once you have mastered the concepts contained in this program, you will be well on your way to discovering a world of opportunity in conducting group presentations. Listen, learn and succeed!

Topics Include:
• The Ideal Room Set Up
• Capitalizing On Personal Appearance
• Maximizing On Sound Equipment
• Initial Introductions
• Breaking Down Barriers
• Conducting The Seminar
• Wrapping It Up
• Back Room Sales

You Will Receive:
• This Entire Program on 3 long playing CD’s
• Several Hours of Course Instruction
• A Supporting Workbook

Read What Others Are Saying About Robert Otto’s Programs:

“The voice intonations, speed and patterns are the key to his presentations and effectiveness.” - - The Bridgeport Post, Bridgeport, CT

“Robert is a real entertainer who knows how to get his point across. Robert changed my thinking from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.” - - The Dundee Observer, Dundee, NY

“Otto lends credence to ‘the harder the want the easier the how’ philosophy.”
- The Reading Eagle, Reading, PA

“Robert Otto is a world-class presenter who stands among the ranks of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown and Zig Zigler. Seeing this man in action is an experience of total empowerment.”
- George Bien, Ph.D., International Seminar Leader

This program contains 3 CD’s, several hours of course instruction, and a supporting workbook.


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