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Audio/Video Samples

This web site is the official host for audio and video excerpts from various training seminars featuring Robert Otto. By clicking on a selected title you can immediately view a sample of Robert's dynamic and motivational training style. It will be regularly updated, so be sure to visit often!

DVD Videos
DVD samples are available in high quality MPG and low quality WMV formats. Click a title below to download a short excerpt.

A Smorgasbord Of Inductions - MPG (6.04MB) | WMV (354KB)
The New Vertigo Induction - MPG (6.50MB) | WMV (1.00MB)

Windows Media Player is available for those who need to download a video player.

Audio CDs
CD samples are available in MP3 format. Click a title below to download a short excerpt.

Pre-Hypnotic Techniques
Mind Dynamics
Inner Motivation - Mining Your Natural Resources
Designing Your Future
Accidental Hypnosis - What is it? How do we recognize it? How can we use it?
Fulfilling The Ten Subconscious Needs Of Others
The Confusion Technique
Semantics In Our Practice
Market And Make It
Sleepy Fox - Background Accomplice for Relaxation and Meditation
Sleepy Fox Variation - Background Accomplice for Relaxation and Meditation
Tranquility Serenade - Background Accomplice for Relaxation and Meditation

Hypnotherapy in Dentistry - IMDHA Marketing Tool
Hypnotherapy in the Medical Field - IMDHA Marketing Tool

All media files on this page are short excerpts of larger collections. To purchase full versions visit our online store.

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