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Testimonials For Robert Otto Hypnosis

"Thank you for the seminar you held this past weekend! I learned more than I'd ever dreamed! Your way of teaching makes light bulbs go on and keeps my heart swelling with excitement. My hope is to make you proud of the work I do. I promise I will take your teachings and grow and flourish as a hypnotist while honoring our profession. Thanks again!"

In Peace,
Penny Rea,C.Ht.
Little Rock, Arkansas

"I am writing to thank you for the GREAT weekend in Allentown. I learned so much from your generous sharing and am now ready to put it all to good use. My head has been spinning with all that we learned. I have sorted much of it out and am feeling quite confident. Thanks again."

Pat Crilly, RN, C.Ht.
Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Thank you for your assistance in leading me to an occupational and personal epiphany! I've played your Success Strategies For The Therapist video tape over and over and over again. Your explanation of hypnosis on the tape and from what I gleaned during the one day seminar has helped to breathe new life into my enthusiasm for the profession. I now feel I have a wonderful track to run on. Heck! I even upped my fee for a private session by almost 50% because I feel so confident.
I hope to see you again next year.

-- J. Felter, C.Ht.

Dear Bob and Linda:

It was so good to see you again at this year's IACT convention and I just had to write and put down on paper a few of the comments I shared with you in person.

I've been practicing Clinical Hypnosis now for more than three years and wanted you to know that it was Dr. Jaime Feldman, at The Institute of Hypnotherapy, who taught me the mechanics of hypnosis, but it was you who gave soul to my approach.

My therapy library contains dozens of script books, but the one I always reach for first is your, "Scripts, Suggestions, Inductions and Such." But, the main reason for writing is to thank Linda for her positively marvelous script, "The Garment of Love." I discovered this work when I was looking for a very special direct suggestion script for a 40+ female client who was both a registered nurse and Reiki Master. The positive results generated by this single script, had me reevaluate all of my therapy programs. Now, every one of my clients receives "The Garment of Love" in their final session, which is more like giving them a gift than therapy.

Thank you both for giving me, and my clients, so much.

My deepest appreciation and love,
Steven Lance Hersh, ACH, MH

Dear Robert and Linda;

I have no words to express the amazing vertigo induction video, but I would like to make the following comments: I am a certified Hypnotherapist both with the NGH and the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and have studied and taught many methods of inducing altered states, from being a Silva UltraMind instructor, to a fourth level shaman, to a forth degree Kriya Yogi, studied with many famous" hypnosis" instructors, to the use of the latest electronic mind machines in application to hypnotherapy.

This vertigo induction is the ONLY method that I have ever seen that ACTUALLY WORKS 100% of the time, and is the king of rapid induction methods . . . it is the only "no fail" technique that actually works . . .and the video instruction is very complete. And of course Robert is a master instructor.

It is very easy to learn and it will in my thoughts almost become a requirement for all Hypnotherapists to learn and add to their tool box, and this will be a tool they will use most often . . . this technique has advanced the science and art of hypnosis 100 years!

Thanks for the great service . . .

All my best,
Jim Fallon

"I have over five hundred scripts to date in my hypnosis library. I recently acquired 'Handbook of Hypnosis Scripts'. This is the most compact, concise and eclectic set of scripts I have purchased to date. The Otto's years of experience in the field are definitely demonstrated here. Whether you have had a practice for years or just starting up, I highly recommend it."

- Ray Williams, C.Ht. Fort Collins, CO

May 22, 2003

Dear Robert,

I have astounding news for you! Five days after my hypnotherapy session using your ‘Vertigo’ induction, I played my first round of golf at the TPC/Canyons, a PGA course in Las Vegas. I have never played on a PGA course (don’t even have a handicap to post!), but my cousin works there and he took me out to play a few holes. Now think of the most unimaginable thing that I could have done… I shot a Hole-In-One on #2, 100 yards, with a 7 iron, over a canyon! The greens on #2 is just this little ‘island’ surrounded by canyons nearly all around, and the white flag was maybe about 20 feet from the edge on the left side. It happened so naturally and spontaneously, just like in my hypnosis session, it was all so amazingly awesome!

Then I went on and broke 50 in the front nine for the very first time! All this on a course I’ve never played, with Titlest rental clubs I’ve never used, and in the hot sun, which I’m not used to, living in San Francisco! Unfortunately we were only able to play 13 holes, as we had to pick up my sister from the airport. But on #10 (par 4 hole), I parred it with a one-putt stroke from off the greens, and then shot two bogeys and a double bogey.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you and thought you might enjoy hearing the results of my great session. Will keep you posted on my progress.

J. Peggy Adeboi

"Thank you so very much for allowing me to attend your session on Weight Loss at the Parsippany, NJ Sheraton on May 26, 2003. It was all my pleasure to have been your student. I look forward to using your imparted knowledge, experiences, and methodologies over time."

- Dr. J. Brian Lederer

"We met in Reading last month. You demonstrated the 'Vertigo' technique. I have used it may times and it is just fantastic. I bought the Weight Loss Certification course that night also. Your course is unbelievable! You are concise and to the point. It is amazing how you present the course. I've been through other weight loss training, and I can't believe what I have been missing the two years I've been involved in hypnosis and using 'other' lesson plans. I'll be using your program next week with a client. I can see the big picture now. Your explanations and presentation are second to none!"
- Barry Dieter

"I have been using exactly what Robert Otto taught and it has been working wonderfully."

- B. Love Dubbs, Augusta, GA

"Thanks so much for the wonderful seminar. It will help me in my hypnotherapy practice and also with my own weight reduction. I look forward to learning more from you in the future."

- J. Garvey, Blue Hill, ME

"I must tell you that I really enjoyed both your Certification Courses. You are so positive and so enthusiastic that it shows how well you know the subject and how self-confident you are. It is also an indication of how effective this is for clients. I hope sometime in the near future to have you come to Cyprus to give seminars."

- A. Raftis, Cyprus, Greece

Speaker evaluation comments from the Mid America Conference 2001.
The comments are copied as written for interpretation.
The rating is on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best.

Board of Directors
Mid-America Hypnosis Conference

SPEAKER: Robert Otto
SUBJECT: Pre-Hypnotic Techniques That Guarantee Success
RATING: 9.97

THE BEST THINGS WERE: Dynamic; Entire presentation; Energy, practicality, etc.; Everything. The best. What a teacher!!!; Excellent, excellent, excellent; Highly motivating speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; Fantastic; He is best @ all things; Dynamics, enthusiasm, simplicity; The best presenter in my life!; Very inspiring; Attitude, stories, examples/techniques offered; Great; Fun; Excellent speaker-concepts can be easily implemented; The whole thing!; Thanks!; All; Extremely well explained & well presented; All very interesting; Very Motivating!; Made a lot of sense; Awesome; His techniques; Excellent speaker; Excitement of presentation; He was great!; Everything; Excellent speaker-Very enjoyable; Great talk; Excellent; Best one yet!; Terrific guest speaker!; Enthusiastic; Loved the pot analogy; Excellent, energetic!; Energetic, good audience rapport, funny anecdotes.

I WOULD SUGGEST TO IMPROVE IT: No room for improvement-only more time; Perfect as is; More time to get more specifics; More time; Nothing; Handouts.

"I was a 2 pack a day smoker for almost twenty years. When I walked out of the seminar and left my cigarettes on the table, it was the last time I ever looked back. God Bless you, Robert."

- M. Calomino, Clark Summit, PA

"Mystified, skeptical and still not smoking one week later, Richard was a typical Otto client."

- Morning Call, Allentown, PA

"Not only have I reached my goal weight but I feel great and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which were out of sight, have returned to normal levels. Thanks to you, I am a winner all around. It was the best value for my money that I ever received, and I have not hesitated to tell my friends about you and our success."

- A. Krakower, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Barry Hess." "I haven't had one yet!" "What I tried to do on my own for years, worked in one hour in one night!"

- Norwalk News, Norwalk, CT

"What a great workshop! Your day long workshop at the NGH Conference made it worth the trip for me this year. Thank you so very much."

- T. Leutner, New Haven, CT

"He is the best! I attended 6 years ago to stop smoking and have not desired or smoked since. I smoked 3 1/2 packs a day for 42 years."

- J. Staggs, Oakdale, CT

"Robert Otto is a world-class presenter who stands among the ranks of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, and Zig Zigler. Seeing this man is an experience of total empowerment!"

- George Bien, Ph.D. (International Seminar Leader)

"Since attending your seminar I have not smoked at all. I don't even have the urge to smoke. I sleep better, feel more rested, and have lots of energy. Wishing you continued success with the people who are fortunate enough to attend your seminar like I was."

- M. Lowery, Staten Island, NY

"Otto's voice stroked and caressed my mind's eye. Minutes melted into hours - still I had no intense urge to light up."

- Reading Eagle, Reading, PA

"If I ever had a hero, Robert is it. Robert changed my thinking from 'I can't' to 'I can.' "

- Dundee Observer, Dundee, NY

"I just completed doing the work with your Stop Smoking Certification course. I feel your style of passing on your experience and teaching methods speaks to me very well. I am new to working in the field of hypnosis and I have no desire to do one on one sessions. I have done close to 400 hours of class room work to get the clinical certification. Your excitement and encouragement and speaking from your heart gave me the feeling that I can do it and be good at it too. I have become very attracted to your products. I currently have, Scripts Suggestions Induction's and Such, How to Conduct Group Hypnosis Seminars Like a Pro, Creative Voices and will be ordering several more of your videos and tapes. I was at your talk in Glendale, Calif. with the ACHE group. I just made plans to be in Long Beach where I will drive 150 miles one way to hear your talk on Vertigo. I can only attend half a day at that conference and you were high priority. I! also will look forward to your Vegas Event on Stop Smoking. I have not made a dime in this field, the fact is it has cost me thousands to get to this point. My hope is that I can fully learn and apply your secrets and change my situation to that of personal satisfaction and experience the rewards of enhanced prosperity while changing the life's of others for their good and betterment. There seems to be many people out there doing this work but I think you're the best to learn from ... so I am all eyes and ears for what you can offer to my inspiration."

- Michael Welte, Apple Valley, Ca

"I thought the script was great and it worked wonders for my client.
Thanks so much!"

- Jeanette Laitner

Dear Mr. Otto,
I took your quit smoking course in Winchester VA on July 7 1994 and have not picked up a cigarette since (THANK YOU) unfortunately I did gain some weight and was trying to find out when you will be in the Connecticut area (I moved).

I tried one of the "popular" hypnotist groups that came to New London 2 years ago... I don't remember the name...but it was marketed with a picture of a doctor with dark black hair and a goatee...but the person that gave the seminar was a different guy that smelled heavily of cigarette smoke and all he seemed to want to do was sell VERY expensive orders of TrimSpa and other diet supplements which I did not purchase. Needless to say it was a very negtative experience after attending your seminar.

Please tell me you will be here sometime..if not.... who would you recommend that has learned from you.

You are the best and seemed to genuinely care for the people that came. I can never thank you enough for keeping me healthy and keeping all that second hand smoke away from my son...who now fights for our country with healthy lungs!

Best to you...

- T. Kilby, Gales Ferry, CT

After attending your seminar on the "Vertigo" Rapid Induction technique, I was intrigued and decided to try it out yesterday. Without any practice, I used it with a client on whom I had worked several times prior and who had difficulty visualizing. I can honestly say, that within 10 seconds she was deep in trance and is now able to visualize. The level of relaxation was such that after the session and in the clients' own words; "I feel completely free".
I tried it again with a second client later in the afternoon, with similar results.On behalf of myself and my clients I would like to thank you for a most valuable therapeutic tool.

Jay C. Simpson CHT

"As you can tell by the Evaluation and Testimonial Sheets, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Robert, you are truly a master in your field - a great entertainer and knowledgeable instructor. Your willingness to share your many years of experience and the lessons you learned along the way is a gift to all who attend your workshops."

-Anne King, C.Ht, Hypnosis Instructor-Anne King's Hypnosis Center

Dear Robert,

"I work as a hypnotherapist in a high-end dental office (it isn't uncommon for a person to spend over $50,000 in this office); needless to say results are expected. I was so impressed (again) by your talk that I actually decided to change my protocol for TMJ and Bruxism based on your advice. It's been a few months since I made the shift in procedure and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in working with these patients.

Your years of experience and insights are as impressive as your sincerity and humor. Thank you again for everything you continue to do so well."

-Scott Sandland, C.Ht., Los Angeles, CA

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your classes. I purchased you Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Certification Courses and have gained a wealth of knowledge. The way you bring your years of experience to not only your clients but also your students in such an easy manner, we can do nothing but succeed. I want to thank you and let you know that I have already held group sessions using your technique and have had rave reviews."

- R. Allocco, C Ht., Bethpage, New York

"I have your CD in the car. It's the only thing I listen to. Here's the best part: every time I listen, I hear something new, EVERY TIME!"

- Ed Buggs, Baton Rouge, LA

Robert Otto is a dynamic presenter who holds your interest and presents something truly unique. If you are ready to think outside the box, you will thoroughly enjoy attending one of his presentations.

- Roy Hunter, MS, FAPHP - Published Author

As a spokesman for my students, allow me to just say thank you for the wonderfully enlightening Glasswalk Workshop you did at Infinity Hypnosis Institute here in Baton Rouge. My students are asking when you will be making a return visit with more of your dynamic, hypnotic and entertaining lessons. I for one want you here no less than twice a year.

Thanks, Robert, for sharing your passion so freely!
Your friend,
Conrad Adams, Ph.D.
Infinity Hypnosis Institute

Dear Robert Otto!
I want to share with you my experience.

I wanted to start my seminars but I havn´t the money to travel and attend you seminar, so I decided to buy your manuals. After studding your materials for loose weight and quit smoking I started my own seminars. Since October 2005 to July 2005 I did 50 seminars in both subjects in Barcelona (Spain) only. My success and income was outstanding. In September 2005 I will start my seminars in the most important cities in Spain. It is a big step professionally and personally for me. I am sure I will succeed.

I am very grateful to you for creating the manuals where you share your experience and knowledge. I used every tip and suggestion on them to create powerful and efficient seminars on my own way. I never attended your seminars and never met you. But your style, clarity, humor, knowledge, and 20 years of experience gave me all I needed to start. I am very, very, very, very grateful. I am far away to be as good as you are but I am in the way.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

- Luis Navarro

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