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Articles, Links, Directory - Hypnosis Resources


NOTE: Periodically we will be posting a script someone has written to give new ideas and help someone along their path to become a much healthier, happier person. Healthier and happier mentally, physically and spiritually. Feel free to download and copy any or all of the scripting or use portions of them, incorporating your own ideas with the script to create a wonderful program for someone in need.

Note: Scripts are arranged by the last name of the author



Get A Grip By Letting Go

Mark Babineaux, JD, C.Ht.

Energy Orchestra Leader

Ginny Bodi, C.Ht.

Self-Hypnosis for Holistic Healing

Henry Leo Bolduc, C.Ht.

A Walk in the Meadow to the Waterfall

Donna Bretz, C.Ht.

Our Garden, Our Selves

Penny Criswell, C.Ht.

Flow To Your Goals

James Duncan, C.Ht.

Understanding Healing Sleep

James Duncan, C.Ht.

The Flu Season Script

Jim Fallon

Luck Hypnosis Script

Jim Fallon

Energy Balance exercise

Jerry and Nancy Fraley, C.Ht.

Instant Alert Hypnosis Induction

Zoilita Grant

Peaceful Place Meditation

C. Roy Hunter C.Ht.

Symphony of the Mind

Barbara Klink, CHt

Affirmations or I Love Life

Retha Martin, C.Ht.

Control of Bleeding

Master's Edition 101 Hypnotic Suggestions

Hugging Trees: A Script for Releasing

Kathy Moore, MBA, C.Ht, LLC

Allowing the White Light to Fill You

Sonya Morrow

Athletic Performance

Linda Otto, C.Ht.

Relaxation Excercise

Linda Otto, C.Ht.

Sales Success

Robert Otto, C.Ht.

Speaking in Public

Robert Otto, C.Ht.

Soul Retrieval

Fr. Martin J. Patton

Vital Force Energy

Fr. Martin J. Patton

The Golden Light

Carol Spurrier, C.Ht.

Experiment in Reducing Non-Malignant

Ernest Telkemeyer, C.Ht.

Working Suggestions for Bed Wetting

Ernest Telkemeyer, C.Ht.

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