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Quin Barnes, C.Ht.

Robert was first introduced to the glasswalk experience more than fifteen years ago. Since then, after continually making personal demands of himself to explore new frontiers in mind dynamics, self-empowerment and expanding human potential, Robert has taken the experience to another level. Under his leadership, classes and workshops were developed and orchestrated so that others could also encounter, live and learn the empowering experience of glasswalking. As a result of his efforts Robert has had the privilege of introducing the glasswalk experience to such notable leaders as Tolly Burkan; Author and founding father of the ‘Firewalk Movement’, George Bien; International Seminar Leader and ‘America’s Mind Coach’, the late Henry Smith-Rohrberg; Psychologist and Author of ‘Transformational Breathing’, and many others.

Quin Barnes, C.Ht.

The late Henry Smith-Rohberg was Roberts' very first glass walking student.

We dedicate this section of our website to honor our like-minded peers and colleagues who, under Roberts’ guidance have eagerly participated in the glasswalk experience. They are the rare individuals who insist on the abstinence of mental roadblocks, possess a phenomenal mindset to surpass what is expected of the ordinary, and strive for extraordinary performance. They excel at achievement, repel the negativity of outside influence and set an example to others of what can be accomplished by thinking ‘outside of the box’ and reaching above and beyond limitations imposed by others. It is through them that we can recognize the continuance of a movement perpetuated by limitless thinking. And to them we pay tribute.

Mid America Conference 2004

Tolly Burkan, also known as the founding father of the firewalking movement. Robert had the honor of teaching Tolly how to glasswalk

Robert annually guides others to experience personal empowerment by leading a workshop on the glasswalking experience at various locations. For information on attending a glasswalking workshop, please see the Training section of our website.

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.

Chaplain Paul Durbin walking glass

Experience the glasswalk ritual.

Robert Otto facilitiating the Glasswalk Experience w/ George Ben, host of television show 'Unlimited Possibilities'

Glasswalk photo taken during the taping of 'Unlimited Possibilities'

Robert Otto teaches class

Class sitting around glass

Baton Rouge Class 2005

Conrad Adams - Hypnotist

Derek Pavlick - Student

Dorie Abadie - Attorney

WIBR's radio personality and
talk show host Ed Buggs

Elizabeth Barnes
- Massage Therapist

Feet On Glass

Feet On Glass

Jenifer DeBosier - Hypnotist

Katherine Griffen - Shop Owner

Robert and Kirk Kirkpatrick

Kirk Kirkpatrick - Ret. Gov't

Larry Auletta - Hypnotist

Lee Parsons - Counselor

Linda Otto

Nancy Pavlicek - Hypnotist

Robert and Steve Freitag

Steve Freitag - Psychologist

Nic Ourso - Accountant

Vikki Ashley - Psychologist

Mark Babineaux - Attorney

Virginia Beach Class 2005

Paula Cross

Phyllis Pricer - Television Personality

Kenn Geiger - Hypnotist

Peggy Geiger

Lorrie Jean Gow

Sue Schumacher


Bob Minaert

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